Top 7 WordPress Plugins in 2019 to skyrocket your website in Business and Blogging

We all treat and operate our website like our home. Whenever we create a new blog, we often think about the best plugins we should install for our blogs and business. You can get varieties of WordPress plugins testimonials that will help a beginner for a good start and today we will discuss 7 best WordPress Plugins for the website in 2019 for better site’s user experience

1-    Social Snap

Social Snap is one of the best WordPress Plugins for a website that helps you to add a sharing button on both your mobile and desktop sites. It also helps you to add follow buttons and tweet boxes to your WordPress blog. The plugin has been designed to develop performance and speed which means it won’t slow down your website. The multiple buttons have 4 different styles of a button that can either change to circle, rectangular, slanting, etc according to your need.

It shows you statistics reports to see the number of shares you have got on the social network in a period of time. The plugin also has open Meta graph that helps your blog post to look better when shared.

It helps you to restore all tweet accounts and its features include shortcode support, manual placement, and options to hide sharing buttons on individual posts.

2-    Jet Pack

The jet pack is one of the best multi-featured WordPress Plugins, that gives you access to all the best features you miss from It not only covers visitor engagement but also cover site stats that help you to get insights into your traffic.

It monitors your website and checks your site in every 5 minutes and notifies you’re the downtimes. It not only helps to back up your entire site but also helps to filter out spam submissions on your comments.

It provides subscriptions options for users and also prevents hackers from brute forcing the blog’s login. It shows you related post to enhance the engagement and auto-publicize the blog posts on Facebook and Twitter.

3-    Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is another one of the best on-page optimization WordPress plugins that help to rank a WordPress blog higher in search engines. It covers both on-page and off page SEO sites. The plugin is beginner friendly and gives tons of flexibility over your site’s content.

The plugin has deigned to make search engine optimization easier and It provides you an easy way to set up a site map. It offers you multiple keywords that can work great to track secondary keywords.

The plugin is available as a free version and it allows you to export all the focus keywords for high-quality analysis.  It also enables you to use internal link suggestions to get the right content.

4-    Broken Link Checker

Broken link checker is one of the best on-page optimization WordPress plugins that helps you by monitoring blog links, posts, pages, and comments. It prevents search engines from following broken links and detects useless links or those links who don’t work properly.

The plugin also helps you to avoid sending pings to the site and creates new link filters to perform search and clicking the “Create Custom Filter” button. It also enables you to change and edit the URL links.

Broken link checker also helps you to detect missing images and redirects and also monitors the plugin’s check status. It is a highly configurable plugin that helps you to monitor the internal and external links of your website.

5-    PushEngage

best WordPress Plugins

PushEngage is a WordPress plugin that helps you drive more traffic to your blog and increase customer’s engagement. It has multiple browser support that works for both desktop and mobile. It has an option to control access to a different screen for every individual member in your list.

It also helps you to manage multiple websites and adding different people from your team from a single pushEngage account. The plugin also helps you get high click-through rates than email and enables you to have multiple calls to actions in each notification.

PushEnagage helps you to schedule your notifications on your breaking hours or vacations leaves and personalize your messages by using your own segments. Also, it helps you to re-engage and reach your users from anywhere.

6-    WP super cache

best WordPress Plugins

WP super cache is a simple and effective WordPress plugin that helps you to browse your blog posts and businesses. It enables you to run your own speed tests and makes your site faster. It has over 2million+ downloads

The plugin features include custom caching and cached files generation. It provides more advanced modes like WP-Cache caching and Expert to those who are easily working with codes. There are very fewer chances to experience errors in this plugin.

7-    OptinMonster

It is one of the best WordPress plugins for a website that helps you to capture emails and makes it easier for you to create an eye-catching form to coverts leads. It helps you to grow page views and make efforts to converts your new visitors into regular visitors by encouraging them to visit your site.

It grows your business by growing your email lists with highly targeted campaigns to convert subscribers into customers and allows you to run retargeting that will target your potential customers on your site.

Thus, it is perfect for all kind of businesses and easy to use. It has high performance and also has advanced features like A/B testing and conditional pop-ups for mobile sites.

And that’s all for today 🙂

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