What is Mobile Marketing?

What is Mobile Marketing?

Engaging users through mobile devices for product marketing or converting a consumer into sale via mobile is called Mobile marketing. Today every business needs mobile marketing to stable their position in the marketing industry. It is part of digital marketing. It allows reaching a large number of the audience by creating ads, brand awareness, campaigns, and Video Marketing. There are a lot of mobile marketing strategies that you will get to know in Digital Marketing Executive Course.

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What are some of the types of Mobile Marketing?

Gaming ads- This is the most interesting way to reach consumers. The pop-ups in between a game are called gaming ads.

Apps- This is based on mobile apps, and the majority of the mobile engagements come from this form of advertising.

Location targeting – Targeting consumers through their location and area-based is known as location targeting. It depends upon the consumers wish about what radius they want their business to be reached.

QR Codes– It is the scanning process used by users for the fastest way possible.

SMS Marketing– This is the best mobile marketing example to show how it all started. It is the fastest medium to send messages to your consumers. You need a user’s contact number to texts.

How Mobile marketing and social media marketing together contributing to Digital India?

Mobile marketing is incomplete without Social Media Marketing, and no social platform is complete without mobile devices. Their collaboration makes a great product and brands. When you plan an ad or a campaign, you have to make sure that your social media pages should be mobile friendly. Not everyone will switch twitter, Facebook and other platforms through computer devices. Majority of the users use mobile devices to surf social media pages.

Video marketing plays another major role in digital marketing. Video marketing takes place in social media platforms, and 70% of the users watch videos through mobile devices. In short, every module is connected through internet marketing.

Mobile friendly websites is another basic reason that connects social media marketing mobile marketing together. When you scroll any website, you will notice that not all websites are displaying in a proper layout. It is very important to maintain a proper balance of both modules for the perfect outcomes.

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