What is Display Advertising?

What is Display Advertising?

Display advertising is the most beneficial module from Digital Marketing Executive Course. It is a kind of online paid advertising of images, banners, and copies. It also includes visual texts, video graphs, text, logos, animations, and other stuff. It is the most creative way to target a customer through rich media contents. They are way different from text ads as they can be seen through websites, not Google.

Display ads benefits

• Their level of creativity decides the traffic. Their ads are the basic attraction towards their website.

• It introduces your brand and creates awareness about your products and services.

• They target the through topics, level of interests such as gender and age.

Some Display advertising examples.

GIF’s advertising –

Graphic interchange format is used to visualize a moving image that usually attracts visitors by visuals creativity contents.

Stats advertising –

Stats mostly used in social media marketing and mostly shows in a graphical stats form.

Animated advertising –

The fictional way to represents ads, banners or blog images comes under animated advertising. You can mostly find these advertising on digital billboards. These ads can be realistic as well in 3d too.

Social media advertising

Social media advertising is the most useful display advertising examples. It is the most successful way to advertise about your niche.  It can either be organic or paid.

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