Top 7 Instagram post ideas to create an outstanding account

Instagram has always been the favorite social app for the world. There was a time when Facebook was the trendiest amongst all but now the Instagram fever is overtaking every app. Everyone is giving tough competition to each through creating tremendous strategies to make their account stands out.

Today we will provide you top 7 Instagram post ideas that will help you to make your account stand out from others.

1-Write the caption first and then select the photo

The majority of the people often make this mistake that they usually go with the photo and later on they decide for the caption. The most emotional part to engage your audience is the right content.

Do remember that the online voice has the power to evoke your audience. If your copywriting is strong then you can easily select the photo later. This will surely inspire your audience and you as well.

2- Utilize the bio link

Now, that you have written the greatest caption summary with the finest picture, it’s time for you to utilize your bio link on Instagram. Either you are running a business or some online work field, it is very mandatory to write blogs for your better success.

Always keep your audience interested and engaging by providing a bio link for your caption and description summary. You can also use this as a repurposing existing content.

3– Interact with your audience

Technically this isn’t something practical but it should be done on a regular basis. Apart from taking care of your business, it is mandatory to take care of your audience well. You can create videos and post to thank your audience for being so supportive.

Also, you can create ongoing engagement through quizzes and questions for your audience regarding your brand or services or influencing. This will balance your account in both professions.

4- Posting creative stories

Trust us; posting creative will be the widest advantage to make your Instagram account stand out. Although these stories will remain only for 24 hours you can still create engagement through it. You can use surprises, flash sales and offers on your stories. Whether this is about your own business or affiliate, you can use stories to highlight the popular kinds of stuff on Instagram. This will create high traffic on your account and your audience will automatically pay more attention to view your stories.

5-Broadcasting live videos

Never underestimate what live videos can do for you. This is the best way to approach your audience and keeps your account more visible. There are various ways to approach your audience through live videos. You can include broadcasting events and conducting interviews to keep your audience engaged.

You can even experiment with some product reviews and instructional videos as well. Apart from it, you can also interact through question answers session and all these steps will make your audience more interested in your account.

6- Collaborate your profession with your personal account

Of course, every influencer, business owner or affiliate has a separate Instagram account based on their professionalism and personal life. But how about experimenting with a bit of collaboration? Interacting with your audience regarding your business does works. You can

7- Use Stickers and Gifs

Using stickers and Gifs to add some fun graphics to make your pictures stand out. It not only works for the brand but also works for your private account as well.

You can add some spice spark to your older pics by adding some funny gifs related to your post. It will surely catch your audience’s attention and this will surely execute your Instagram post.

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