Top 5 major changes of SEO in 2020

SEO in 2020 wouldn’t be lesser than a thriller. As we all know how new businesses are growing day by day and how competitions are getting tougher day by day. Talking about digital marketing, this is where SEO is needed. From ranking your website to rank your blog pages, online marketing has played an important role in performing search engine optimization.

Whenever Google launches any algorithm, the SEO world gets shattered and somehow it creates a great blunder for SEOs. So instead of giving you shocking attacks, we will try to aware you of the major changes of SEO in 2020 that you can expect to happen.

1.  Majority of Google searches don’t send traffic to websites

We tell you this is something you should focus on the first base. If the sources are to be believed then around 50% of the google searches won’t send traffic to any of the websites. Talking about the people, they are either not interested in searching on websites or the answer that is mentioned on the top is easier for the people to get solutions. Hence they don’t bother to visit any additional site to gain information.

2- The number of visitors will get declined 

Another drastic change that of SEO in 2020 that,  it can face organic numbers of visitors that people are going to get through traffic. Talking about the sources, Merkle ( Marketing Agency)  said that the total visits produced by organic search fell 6% year over in 2019. And the hard hit on was with a mobile phone.

3-  Google can compete with Amazon

Yes, you heard it right, Google might be competing hard with Amazon. Recently in 2019, Google has launched a buy feature on Google. Shopify is quite an alternative to Amazon. So talking about creating an eCommerce store, Google has allowed people to buy eCommerce products directly on Google.

SEO in 2020

4- Rich Snippets will the key to getting more information 

Talking about SEO in 2020 ,people will be getting more information through rich snippets . Now we aren’t saying that Google will get you lesser traffic but according to a study by Path interactive, the people from 13 to 18, prefer snippets without clicking through.

SEO in 2020

5- Local SEO will change 

A wider number of zero-click searches are local searches and you can easily show the results on the SERP. As hearing to the sources, an individual local pack might take up wider space as a complete SERP shown to an individual user.

SEO in 2020


We all know just like SEO thing gets change, marketer finds a way to rank their content with authentic SEO strategies to rank their SEO in 2020. One should always stay one step ahead with the latest trends and changes in the online world. It not only helps marketers to face new challenges but also keeps them aware with more can be done to enhance marketing with SEO. Opting for a digital marketing course can too help you stay updated with the latest marketing trends.

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