Top Tools to Check Your Competitors Website Traffic

Remember that saying -Keep your friends close and enemies closer?  Privileged to check website traffic of your competitors is your bonus point. Digital marketing is growing very fast, and the majority is adopting its trends and strategies.  But let us take it positively. Knowing what your competitors are up to and how they are performing can help you to make yourself more hard working. You can utilize their knowledge to create the best strategies and ideas to improve your business and knowledge.

Let us look at some of the top tools to check the traffic of your competitors

1. SEMrush

This is the strongest tool to check your competitor’s website traffic. Majority of bloggers and web-masters utilize this tool to gain a lot from it. It helps you to keep an eye on everything done by your competitors. , Access keywords and much more. It not only aware you with your competitors rank but also helps you to improve your Ranking


2. Feedly

It is a tool to collect to organize and store contents. Feedly is a well crafted RSS feed application that provides a clean feed. It also shows you the hottest topic covered by your competitors’ on a single page. It feeds to simplify the consumption of news. It has its hosting service.


3. Buzzsumo 

Another tool that helps you to watch out your rivals is Buzzsumo and check website traffic of your competitors. It allows you to find the most shared content topics and keywords from a specific domain. You can choose the type of article, videos or infographic you want. Whether you want to aware what’s in trend, looking for business influence, this tool is the best to be used for.


4. Similarweb

This tool works for both Content and SEO.  It helps you to compete with your rivals by checking online competitive intelligence.  It shows a comprehensive view of your site. It has approximate numbers of site visitors and session duration. It also gives you the entire detail about the visitor and from what country that person has been.

Similar Web

5. Alexa

Alexa is a worthiest among all the tools that keep an eye on your competitor’s research and ranking and also improve your site ranking. It is based on the number and duration of visits. There is also a tool by Alexa that helps you to check website traffic ,ranks and other details about the websites. For more acknowledgments you can visit  Alexa rank checker tool, it is free.


6. SpyFu

It is a free tool dedicated totally to competitive intelligence on geographies and engines. It allows you to see your competitor’s activities. SpyFu helps you to find competitive keywords, information and best for PPC. Its content is SEO friendly which can drive the traffic through it.


7. MozBar

MozBar comes under the best tools for competitive research, check website traffic , domain and others.  It is a free browser extension which provides any webpage link can be analyzed. It provides perfect details, accurate results, and other services.


It is good to access your competitors but always remembers not to punch above your height. Example if you own a dress shop, you can’t beat big brands like Zara and Mango.Your focus should be on those who are similar regarding size and audience. Don’t try to reach that level via shortcuts.  Work hard without desiring or greed to get fame.

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