Step by Step Guide – What Makes a Content Engaging on Website?

What engaging content means?

Content marketing simply means to freeze the reader’s attention for a longer time in your engaging content. It will lose them in your content, and they will be connected through a streak to you. Keeping your readers on your website is the only goal in engaging content.

Step 1- Planning

Planning is essential for business. It not only motivates you but prepares you for the new beginning like a roadmap. Before achieving anything, we need to set our goal, and for that, it is mandatory to plan for content marketing.

• Start with a content calendar; it will not only prepare you in advance but also set your schedules.

Step 2- Buyer Persona

It is important to think from a consumer persona to target business. What our customer thinks, feels and wants is mandatory to know. You have to observe audience behavior like a detective and uncovering those habits for your business purpose is buyer persona.

It is the mental preparation regarding your audience demands and views through your content marketing.

Step 3- Basic information always at the top

Always start with the basic information from the top. Highlighting the basic points at the top and giving a detailed description below is one of the oldest and best tricks that work. Basic information to know about someone or something is essential to hold the consumers at your website.

• If you failed to capture audience interest, in the beginning, your content marketing would be of no use, no matter how much knowledge it has.

Step 4- Clear Your Mind

A confused mind destroys the sorted things too. You have to be very clear when you are engaging with your audience.  Remember you get convinced in a few minutes by the influencers. Have you ever noticed why? Because they are expert in their niche and they know what makes a website inviting. Don’t take quick decisions. Patience is the best key to think clearly and beyond.

• No matter you use English or Hindi but make sure you are capable of expressing your thoughts rightly in content marketing.

Step 5- Check the grammar

Ready to post your content but didn’t check full stops, commas, and grammatical mistakes? The next move will be taken by the readers including Grammar nazi, trolls and much more. If you don’t want to face all these then better to check your content writing checklist to get rid of this trouble-making chunks. Grammarly can be used to correct grammatical errors.

Step 6- Post with Hyperlinks

Now your content is all set to be posted, and you are at the final step to update your writing. Don’t forget to hyperlink your words. What is a hyperlink?  The connection of words or phrases similar to website content from other sites to engaging contents is called Hyperlink.

• This is the easiest and best strategy to engage your audience to your website and also affects SEO ranking.

Tip to remember

Patience is the only thing that helps you throughout your life as well, in content marketing. Getting panicked or losing temper is easy but being calm at situations where nothing is going right is a big deal. No matter your content is engaging or not. Remember everything takes time and in that period, always have patience, no matter what may.


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