Shocking Predictions of social media marketing in 2020

So now that you are all done with the Christmas and New Year, it’s time for you to pay attention to what the social media and digital world are up to. Hundreds of social media marketers and industry experts have already started to predict about what will be the latest social media marketing trends of 2020 and what will go best for the social channel, we too here will provide a list of top predictions of social media marketing in 2020 which is based on the successful trends of 2019.

1- Facebook will be more about payments 

As we have heard the beginning of Libra cryptocurrency on Facebook, it will become the transformative option on the social network. While the platform has already launched in the US and working for rollouts, Facebook can become a consideration key for eCommerce businesses in the next 12 months either with Libra or without Libra.

2- Apple to take Snapchat Augmented Reality 

Snapchat is ruling in 2020 with the best filters and augmented reality. Their gender swap has won everyone’s heart. Even facebook tried to create augmented reality but couldn’t able to beat snapchat on it. Snapchat’s modifying lens was another biggest win in the digital world but if we believe the reports, Apple had begun with a project board by completing half the latter of augmented reality glasses in 2020. And it is believed to be the best of AR till now. However recently snapchat is on the peak

3- The Instagram Live stream hangout process  

Talking about social channels, Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp are doing better in the visual formats. Talking about the youth trends, Facebook has raised group video chats and this is when Instagram too responded it with their live stream hangout. According to some sources, Instagram will soon roll out a love process that can facilitate more and more people in a single live stream.

4- Instagram ditching counts 

The prediction has already started in 2019 and several countries have implemented it where Instagram has vanished the number of likes on an individual profile. Talking about India, the feature hasn’t arrived yet but might soon be launched and expect more metrics to disappear.

5- The rise of stories 

The storytelling was once just a part of Snapchat but as time passes Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, every platform started to create their story tools and this is how stories are getting more attention that post. Talking about the year 2019 over 73% higher CTR has found through Insta Stories and there are no chances of decreasing of story trend in 2020.

6- IGTV might get flop 

How many IGTV do you see in a day? 1,2 or 3? By asking this question we mean to say that very often people use the IGTV video and it can be the reason that Instagram will push this feature away in 2020. However, it is possible that the feature can either be used widely in the upcoming months but from the perspective of the personal experience the chances are quite less.

7- TikTok will get tough competition 

If predictions are to be believed then Tiktok will get serious competition from new short-form video apps including Byte and Firework. According to some media sources, it is said that Tiktok will soon be get banned in India and other selective places. Thus alternatives can be seen on the behalf of this app.

8- The Question mark 

Will Facebook libra begin or not? Which social app Zuckerberg will buy in 2020? These are the form of questions that can create a psychological impact on the user that will drive him/her to get the answer by going further of the content. Hence the question mark trend will come under the bets of social media trends in 2020.

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