OYO rooms case study – Ritesh Agarwal- The youngest Entrepreneur of India

“Ritesh Agarwal” is not just an entrepreneur but also a bestseller Author who wrote “A complete Encyclopedia of top 100 engineering colleges”.

He was a college drop out that never went college after the 3rd day of his starting.

OYO means “On your own”

An introduction to OYO rooms

OYO rooms strategy is the present example of success marketing. They are gaining more popularity day by day. It was started in 2012 and today, it has the highest hotel chains in India as well as China. The co-founder “Ritesh Agarwal” is the 25 years old boy behind the success.  Started coding at the age of 8, “Ritesh Agarwal” has a unique story about how he becomes one of the youngest entrepreneurs in India and how an idea changed his life. Apart from his strategies, he didn’t try something out of the box but without spending much he managed to build up the most successful brand. Today we will be discussing about OYO rooms case study. And why they are the most preferred choice of every middle-class individual? For anyone who wants to stay in a luxuries environment in affordable charges switched to OYO rooms but have you wondered why?

Let us learn how he has changed the history and future by creating a brand with the case study on OYO rooms.

The History

The oldest start-up OYO rooms business strategy was started by a young boy “Ritesh Agarwal”. He was born in Orissa and did his schooling from the same hometown.

His interest was in computers, software and tech things. Starting from the school days, Ritesh doesn’t have interest in studies and he was way different from his batch mates in thinking and niche perspectives.

As he was already very interested in software and technologies, he started learning to code at a very less age. As time passes his love for the software started converting into a passion.

At the age of 17, he moved to Delhi with a vision of creating something stands out and that was the moment when an entrepreneur was born.

He joined the University of London’s course at Indian business school but never went there after a week. In 2012, he started his first venue which was “Oravel stays” (that later on changed and called “OYO rooms.”)

“Oravel stays” was just about providing bed and breakfast across India and the venture was going positive and the strategy worked well for him as a start-up.

Things were going well but the thirst quench didn’t let him relaxed. He won many prices and also highlighted under top 10 winners of Fellow Global ship fest.

He started traveling more and staying in hotels regarding his business. Soon he realized that the hotels have always something missing and not every hotel is affordable and easy to find. This is how he started to give thoughts on how he can change the scenario and targets the problems.

In 2013, He re-launched the Oravel stays as OYO rooms and it becomes the best idea to create the largest hotel chains in India.

They provided the best OYO rooms strategy and services in cost sufficient range for everyone who doesn’t want to pay a huge amount to experience delightful and great quality.

Who knew that a college dropout will become an inspiration for the youth to realize that you don’t need a degree to prove that you are smart but you need skills and confidence to build up success.

The Motto behind OYO rooms

The Motto was to create the best OYO rooms strategy and focus on the basic needs of an individual when they look for a hotel. They have targeted every problem with a solution to makes traveling easy for every traveler including affordable rooms, easy bookings, nearby locations and essential services like Wifi, Television, electricity, food, Room services, and working appliances and amenities in a single click and under a cost sufficient price.

The greatest OYO rooms marketing strategy  was to give the luxuries experience to a common man whether he is a traveler who is planning to explore, a holiday planning for a family, a scheduled meeting for visions or business executives who are planning to organize a meeting under pocket-friendly budget but cannot compromise on quality.

Another OYO rooms strategy was to provide quick results and quick bookings for the digital India who cannot compromise to wait in a long queue to enquire and reserved their hotel bookings. OYO rooms were built to save customer’s time, money and energy. All the bookings, check-ins and check-outs can be done in a single click.

And last, it was to build a stronger relationship and trust bond with the client to make them the permanent customer. Of course, trust needs required fulfillment and that is how OYO rooms strategy works and did their branding. They did what they said and have successfully opened their hotel chains in 13 countries with the promising commitment to enhancing their reach by upcoming years.

How OYO rooms earn Money?

The process is quite simple and easy to understand. OYO rooms strategy was not about investing huge on anything and yet planned outside the box and became one of the leading brands in India. OYO rooms didn’t launch a single hotel but what they did was to tie-up with every hotel by providing the customers and in return demanding them a commission on it.

The partnership leads in a great success for both hotels and OYO’s. And that is how they have started the tie-up chains in every city. They listed their brand name on every hotel to enhance both the hotels business and their branding and created one of the best OYO rooms strategy.

The OYO rooms strategy was to invest less and gain more by targeting the existing hotels by convincing them that the customer provides will be on OYO rooms and the owners just have to associate and grant commission on every booking. OYO rooms started in 2013 with lesser profits and later in 2019, they have turned to be the highest business marketing with an estimate of 1.45 lac rooms including India and international levels.

What makes OYO rooms strategy different from the competitors in the business industry is their expansion and technologies. They didn’t choose to cheat with their customers at any cost. We are listing down a few things that make OYO different from the rivals brand and why it’s leading brand in India.

• Their fast booking is the best add-on to make them stands out from its competitive brands. You can book any hotel in 3 seconds.

• Another OYO rooms strategy was their budget segment is way beneficial with the starting price of INR 999 they are selling 3000+ properties on rental.

• They never compromise on quality and the exterior image of the hotel will be 100% match with the interior when an individual will check in.

• They will update you with the latest condition of the room. Ex- if an AC isn’t working they will blacklist the room and the room won’t be available for anyone to check-in.

• Their services include trained staff, clean bathrooms, quality beds, and 24/7 customer support.

OYO rooms Strategies


Without investing in building hotels, OYO rooms strategy chose to invest in existing hotels by providing them quality services in an affordable manner and getting profit from it was the best strategy we can learn from.

The Cluster Management

There are six hotels under one cluster manager who has to check each hotel daily and 6 hotels in a week. The work includes checking whether the appliances are working or not, whether the room is in a condition to be used and the security of the rooms is alright for better consumer experience.

The Branding

They selected those hotels that were not getting any engagement & customers and assure them to provide customers by listing OYO rooms brand on their hotels and the owners agree because at the end what matters is the business growth.

OYO rooms strategy

The Tie-ups

Another great OYO rooms strategy was listing with some of the top known companies like MakeMyTrip,  Airtel for wifi support, PayPal for bookings,  Thomas cook and further. These brands are associated with OYO room to give a delightful experience to the customers.

The social media presence

Apart from their successful branding offline and online, their social media presence has around 42.5k following on Twitter, 3 lacs Facebook following, 72.5k Instagram following and over 1.5 million app downloads that proves that their social media presence plays a vital role in OYO rooms strategy .

The loyalty

Their customers are becoming permanent because of the loyalty they are providing. Their hotels are secured for families as well as unmarried couples. They take guarantee of your privacy and provide you a safe environment. You just have to Google OYO rooms near me to get all the important information.

OYO rooms strategy

The Artificial Intelligence

Their chat bots is one of the best OYO rooms strategy that has all the basic FAQ’s answers that are prepared from customer persona. Their feedback section is available for the customers who have any complains or suggestions to make things better. Besides that, they have 24/7 support for those who want to inquire about any other issue related to OYO rooms.

The OYO App

Their latest updates can be seen through their online OYO app where you can find easy searching at your nearby places and quick booking with exciting offers. Here you can check hotels according to your budget segments and convenience.

The discount vouchers

OYO rooms strategy also have discounts and offers up to 50% off on occasions and weekends. This is also a bonus point for those who are their regular customers and often visits OYO rooms monthly. They also provide you cash backs to make customers happy and satisfied.

The OYO rooms campaigns

Their campaign strategies are always a hit. Here we present some of the best OYO rooms strategy includes

  • #AurKyaChahiye videos on Youtube.- That visualize the best offers on hotel bookings.-

  • Father’s Day Celebration campaign- That visualize the great bond between dad and son.-

  • Jai Hind – Starring Raveena Tondon and Manoj bajpayee

Note- The blog is for educational purpose and we are not promoting any brand. We are not responsible for any changes related to the company.


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