An Interactive Session With Jaison Thomas – Co Founder At Blusteak

1-It’s a pleasure to connect with you! Before heading further, Could you please brief about your journey and why did you choose digital marketing as your career option?

I grew up as a curious child and when I got connected to the internet, like most of the 90’s kids, it opened up a whole new world which helped me navigate and explore ideas with no boundaries. Nearing the end of my secondary school education, I was surrounded by an urge to pursue something of my own, I had a deep desire to utilise the internet to use it as a leverage to do small things on my own. Me & my brother together started an online social media page which went on to gather more than 5.5 million followers, from which we earned our first income. Later we realized that the unique skill that we developed doing hands-on social media was of great demand for the corporate world, thus we co-founder a digital marketing firm called Blusteak, which as of now employs more than 10 full time employees.

Why do you think Digital Marketing is beneficial for the current generation?

Digital or mobile is where all the eye balls are as of now with no doubt. Working hours are flexible now more than ever, anyone could start they passion project as a side hustle without tampering their day jobs. This generation enjoys benefits that where unimaginable for the earlier generations. I mean, kids now are making millions even by playing video games!

 What marketing strategies do you find most helpful in Digital Marketing?

Good question. From my experience, I’d say that going after numbers is the worst possible strategy in digital. I’ve seen many digital marketers getting so obsessed with numbers and algorithms that they forget that at the other end of the screen, it is a human with whom they are interacting. Keeping the users first and providing value to them is the best strategy anyone can take in digital.
Some practical tips are:
1) Funnelling your campaigns ,You can learn more about funnelling on google
2) Creating content that can arise any positive emotions. This can add a viral element to your campaigns.
3) Formulating a content distribution plan in accordance to the platform you are using.

 4-What piece of advice, you would like to give the upcoming Digital Marketing Strategist & Business Developers?

You can refer to my earlier answer for some tips if you’re an aspiring Digital Marketing Strategist. For Biz Dev persons, surely it is to concentrate on soft-skills, non-verbals and to have a deeper knowledge on what you’re talking/pitching about. Being enthusiastic and having a real intention to solve the client’s problem can also help.

5-In this education system, Course Inbox is the first institute that believes in digital skills rather than just a degree with an affordable fee structure and no age boundaries. What are your views on this?

Ha! I would always recommend aspiring or ambitious marketers to undergo efficient digital marketing training programs, because it is a scarce and yet highly valuable skill set you can have to future proof your career. I’m especially happy that Course Inbox is taking necessary steps to build quality digital marketers. Thanks

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