Instagram introduces a new feature IGTV Platform

Well…an interesting, exciting and engaging content always gains attention. Some famous apps which offer its users this fame and attention are Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube and many more.

Out of all these, Instagram is the most trending and commonly used platform because of its distinct features which interests the users. Almost every individual of the current generation, has an active insta account and loves to scroll through the feeds to watch some good content. Instagram basically came into existence on 6th October,2010 and interestingly, wats at the top of the app store within 24 hours of its launch. Initially, many people were unaware about its features and benefits. But gradually, this app gained attention and people started sharing their moments, emotions and feelings in different forms.

Currently, people can’t think of holidaying without posting a picture on Instagram. They might not enjoy their moments, but will never forget to caption their pictures in the most attractive way, just to gain some likes. Seems funny right? But is the harsh reality of our time.

Features which made Instagram stand out from rest of the apps were its filters, the audio-visual content, photo sharing, social interactions etc. It is one of the most trusted platforms when it comes to expanding a business, online! The entrepreneurs and amateur companies can definitely generate a good amount of crowd from Instagram, if they present a good and meaningful content.

The makers of Instagram are now in the mood to compete with the world’s largest video sharing platform-YouTube. This is quite visible with the launch of Instagram’s latest feature- Instagram TV (IGTV). This was launched recently on 20th June, 2018.
Previously, Instagram allowed only minute long videos to be uploaded, so the content had to be limited and brief. The feature of IGTV is a boon for the users since they can now prepare a video content up to the length of 60 minutes. This is quite challenging as well, because now the content has to be more powerful and engaging.
Earlier, Instagram had limited a user’s content to 60 seconds. With this new feature, the content length is not a problem anymore.
One can make the most of this feature if they want to expand their business or ventures online.
All of this is okay, but in order to attract attention and gain audience, one has to make sure that his/her content is eye catching
IGTV is a stand alone i0s or android application. However, it is also an inbuilt feature in the main Instagram app. When you power on your phone and open the application, the new yellow button will be present on the top, already!
Using IGTV is as simple as making normal videos on Instagram. The yellow coloured button on the top has to be clicked and the feature starts automatically. See? Simple.
Apart from all these, the user has the categories to choose from, according to their preferences. This new feature is really cool and useful at the same time. Make the most of it and continue making amazing content in order to grab all the “insta attention”.
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