How to use Pinterest for digital marketing

Have you ever searched trending topics or business ideas on Pinterest for digital marketing? The platform was first used for finding recipes and décor ideas. It was known for finding better pictures, graphics, and links. It is a golden charm of the social media platform for business. It wouldn’t be wrong that 55% of the users are active on Pinterest to find quality pictures and new products to drive traffic. Talking about creating marketing strategies, it can help your business through digital marketing. Let’s move forward with the top 5 ways to use Pinterest for digital marketing

1- Branding your profile

Every social channel has its unique features, talking about Pinterest digital marketing strategies,  you have to begin the pointer by branding your profile. Start by creating a Pinterest business account to access analytics and further. Then you need to take the measures to brand your Pinterest profile so that it can be easily recognizable as belonging to your company. Upload a profile picture, create a genuine bio and brand your board cover. Also, don’t forget to verify your website in Pinterest for digital marketing.

2-Focusing on Pinterest SEO

Do you know Pinterest is a visual search engine that has its algorithm and SEO rules? Hence it is very important to focus on SEO rules to increase your ranking. However, we are pointing some of how you can perform Pinterest SEO.

Mentioning your niche related keywords in your profile helps you to start in a good way. For example, you can mention the designation after your name and can also utilize the 160 characters to use the keywords in your bio.

At last, you should also mention secondary keywords in your board instead of fun titles or creative caption. Adding board to your Pinterest will help you to include main and secondary keywords.

3- Determining your content strategy

There are hundreds of content niches that perform well on Pinterest for digital marketing Talking about the most popular types of digital promotions like pins, infographic and blog posts. If you are a retailer or a business person then you should turn up your photos into pins. More than 50% of the users get attracted by the quality and attractive visuals of a product.

Infographics too play an important role in Pinterest. It helps you with content promotion and keeps the viewer engaging at the same time. However, infographic tends to be vertical and is the most suitable platform for Pinterest.

Talking about lead magnets, it is one of the finest content strategies to design your content on Pinterest. Make sure your content should be unique and convince a user to save the pin and download your content.

4- Using Pinterest to shop

You should be aware of, that pinners love to shop and it is very important to make things easier for them. You can simply do that by the shop the look pins. Whether it is about home décor, recipes or fashion, your links can directly take your audience to your product page or site. When planning Pinterest for digital marketing it has a “Shop tab” that is proven to be an effective pointer to get business and sales.

5-   Joining community boards

You might not know but Pinterest enables you to invite users to contribute on your board. The platform helps your content to get promoted through joining and creating board groups and communities.

You can search well-known pinners in your niche and look after whether they have created a group or community related to the field or not. Some of the prominent users include rules or links to join their community.

If you are still confused with how to use Pinterest for digital marketing then you can simply opt for a digital marketing course. This will help you to understand the entire concept of marketing.

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