Google Shopping Certification

Google shopping certification exam has been specialized for those who want to make their career in the basic and advanced shopping advertising concepts.  You must have the basic knowledge of creating a merchant center account with data and accounts. This is a great benefit to advertising agencies.

About Exam

You have to attempt this exam in a time limit of 90 minutes. The exam consists of 63 multiple choice questions, and the passing eligibility is 80%. The online learning material to practice for the exam is available on Google. You can go through a mock test before the final exam. In case you don’t get a pass on the mentioned criteria, you can retake the test after seven days. The Google shopping certification exam is available in several languages, make sure to select one.

What are the benefits of the Google shopping certification exam?

• It gives you access to understand shopping advertising.

• The certificate helps you to highlight your resume with a better impression.

• It helps you with the creation and management of shopping campaigns.

• It makes you an expert who has the best knowledge of re-marketing, bidding and optimizing.

• It teaches you how shopping ads work.

How can you prepare for the Google shopping certification exam?

Several websites provide previous sample questions paper every year. As per the latest sample, the last exam took place in February 2019. You can get the sample questions here.  And after the practice, you can apply for the final step of Google shopping certification exam. Once you get the certificate, it will be valid for 12 months, and you can utilize the knowledge skills you have in a great way.

Tip– If you are a beginner in the merchant center or attempting the exam for the first time, make sure to take your time and read the question format easily. You have more than one minute to attempt a single question. So don’t hurry up things.

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