Google Analytics is a free tool provided by Google that helps to view insights on how many visitors visits your website daily. It is especially for an E-commerce website and understands human behavior through their choices, preference, and attitude. In short, it is used to observe customer behavior through various variants and improves your business model.

Google Analytics


Google analytics understand your customer requirements, behavior, and activities through online or offline business. Any company that earns money through online ways then there are 90% of the chances that they use Google analytics to keep an eye on digital traffic and growth. It is connected with sales and marketing. Here are some activities from audience variations that you can do with Google analytics

• Visiting Amount-

This will cover the total amount of visitors visits daily on your website. It tracks the user’s duration and where he/she has come from. Apart from these insights, it also shows you new visitors and how many times a visitor has repeated the visiting. It even shows you about which content has been viewed first

• Number of Pages

It also show you the page views and How many contents or page visitors have gone through that helps you to decide how can you increase the engagement of your page. How many contents or page visitors have gone through?

• Time spent

It shows you the entire visiting timing or how long a visitor has spent time at your website. Longer time means your contents are engaging and if the visitor is not staying on the website for a longer time then you have to work on the content skills

• Bounce Rate

Visitors who immediate abandon your site after being there for a lesser timing is called bounce rate. Good information reduces bounce rates.

• Mobile Importance

Quantifying mobile users’ amount to know the importance of mobile platforms. As there is a majority of mobile users and thinking from that viewpoint is very important.


Apart from audience variants, here are some other activities and traffic sources by Google analytics that helps in business enhancement.

• Content

It can be seen by going to the Site content menu and there you can see the contents that are trending and gaining popular attraction.

• Organic Search-

Using the right keywords works perfectly for your site. People will search for the terms they want to get information about, and Google analytics tell you if you are picking up the right words or not.

• Socials Source

Our world revolves around Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social channels. No doubt they drive the best traffic to your site.

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