Google AdWords Mobile Certification

AdWords Mobile Certification is for those who want to shape up their career in the mobile field and wants to become a Google certified digital professional. The aim is to enhance the skills of individuals in the development and designing of the website. After clearing the exam, Google recognize you like a mobile expert. They have their training material online for those who want to enhance their career in the mobile field

About Exam

The exam is not that challenging but should be attempt with focus. It is based on 70 multiple-choice questions. The time limit to clear the examination is 1 hour and 30 minutes. You need to score a minimum 80% to go further. In case you failed attempting with the mentioned percentage you can re-apply after 1 day.  There are several languages for the comfort of everyone, you can choose yours.

What AdWords Mobile Certification Covers?

There are lots of benefits in the field but one of the important ones is that it allows you to sign the expertise you have and passes it to the prospective clients. You will be a certified mobile site professional. Here we are providing some points that will show you what AdWords Mobile Certification covers.

• It will help you to measure conversions and ad performance.

• You will learn target strategies and specific biddings.

• It will help the consumers to understand how your app can help them.

• Your chances will increase for better jobs.

How can you prepare for the AdWords Mobile Certification exam?

Several sites provide a mock test which means a revision before the final exam. The previous year sample paper of Mobile Certification will help you to prepare good notes. After attempting revision preparation, the final exam of AdWords Mobile Certification can be applied here.

Note: Digital Marketing Course can help you to understand Google Adwords in a better way and it will also help you to understand each and every module in online marketing.

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