Digital Marketing Course in Delhi

Digital Marketing Course Program acquires professional and practical training that offers you 34+ Modules to deeply impart the knowledge of different fields and niche under a single course. The trainers here are expertise with 10 years of experience and provide you the quality training and also variety of professional certifications to furnish your future. The purpose is not just to provide a Digital Marketing Course but also assist candidates to get good job.

The Training is based on Online Marketing and is all about utilizing Digital Devices and Social Platforms. It provides you with the ability to reach thousands of your potential customers from sitting at one place by using laptops and digital devices.

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70+ Hrs of Classroom Learning 

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Why Learn Digital Marketing ?

Be a part of most demanded field in the industry

Digital Marketing is the online survival of your business and the only field to reach the global marketplace. It is the most demanding field in the industry from a few years and soon it will surpass traditional marketing. There are lots of Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing. It has access to combine your passion and world through internet by utilizing digital devices on social platforms. You can easily choose your field and passion together with good earnings.

Want to Earn from Home?

Whether you are not an office person or want to work from home according to your convenience, the industry allows you to learn How to Earn as a Freelancer in Digital Marketing by reaching thousands of people from sitting at one place. It is a bonus point for the housewives to work from home during their flexible hours.

Become a YouTuber.

If you love making videos and want to spread your videos widely to a large base of customers and subscribers then YouTube Marketing is the right platform for you to become a successful YouTuber and Digital Marketing helps you to reach that platform.

Looking for a job?

Digital marketing has infinite jobs depending upon your interest and practical work field. All the jobs are way interesting and the fresher packages are way good as compared to the other industries. There are lots of job opportunities after digital marketing and you can even switch according to your convenience.

Become a Social Media Marketer.

From being a social media lover or working for your own brand social media strategies, Digital marketing has over hundred of interesting fields that will help you to score good earnings through Social Media Marketing and platforms.

Want to Increase your Salary?

Digital marketing is the only field where you can exploit great earnings on every service you provide. Let’s suppose you are working in a company for a year in a certain job position. Your bonus skills can surely enhance your salary and placed you on greater platforms.

Who can Apply for the

Digital Marketing Course ?

Be a part of most demanded field in the industry

Digital Marketing Course

Anyone can Apply for the Digital Marketing Course. However, you must have the Basic knowledge to operate the Laptop and you can start anytime.

No qualification or work experience is required to start with Digital Marketing field. An MBA degree is a must to get further in online marketing is a myth.

From a Job Seeker who is in need to get a job can even start from a Paid Internship in Digital Marketing.

✓ A Working Professional who wants to pursue Internet Marketing can too apply. ✓ Majority of the Freelancers are too doing digital marketing to enhance their positions and skills. ✓ Student who are looking for the Best Career Guidance for their fields. ✓ A Homemaker or Housewife, who wants to work from home, can freshen up their career in online marketing.

Digital Marketing Job Opportunities


" Digital India will reap 18+ Lacs Jobs for fresh college graduates by 2020! – Sh. Narendra Modi "

Digital Marketing Job Opportunities are growing day by day on a huge scale. Over 18 lakh jobs will be required by 2020.  According to a study, the entire worlds will become digital soon. The demand is quite high, but there is a huge skill gap. Each day the majority of the companies are switching for Digital Marketing, and soon it will become mandatory for every single business to know how to use online marketing for growing their business and surviving in the industry.

No matter small businesses, start-ups or MNC’s, the business will run on internet marketing. No offline strategies will be needed. Better analyzing will get better marketing in the future. No barriers of age and qualification could able to stop anyone to present their skills. People are preparing from now and every day around digital marketers gets placed.

Digital India will reap 18+ lacs jobs for fresh college graduates by 2020! – Sh. Narendra Modi

Career Options in Digital Marketing

Be a part of most demanded field in the industry

Digital Marketing Course

1. E-Mail Marketer

Email Marketer creates email marketing campaigns to promote products or services. They implement your business by providing new strategies and great ideas to consumers for higher goals. They develop a personalization strategy and customize strategies for campaigns.

2. Search Engine Specialist

Search engine specialist analyzes, implement and review the website through search engines. They research the content recommendations for organic SEO. They manage campaign expenses and optimize the page for search engine optimization.

3. Online Advertising Specialist

Online Advertising Specialist monitors online marketing activities on a daily or weekly basis to the business team. They set up programmatic campaigns and optimize their ROI. They plan the right commercials with suitable partners to set up an appropriate campaign.

4. Social Media Marketer

Social Media Marketer manages social media strategies and contents. They measure each social media campaign and stay updated with the latest practices. They design content in an informative manner by working with the designers and copywriters.

5. Digital Account Manager

Digital Account Manager plan and implement digital strategies for clients. They determine the client’s perspective to build long term relationship with them. They analyze digital campaigns and optimize web contents to upgrade SEO.

6. Digital Campaign Planner

Digital Campaign Planner manages online contents and all digital marketing channels. They supervise the company’s social media accounts. They plan inbound marketing, measures ROI and monitor the competition.

7. Online Reputation Manager

Online Reputation Manager promotes the online presence of a company or an individual to build an impressive and positive image online. They manage negative reviews and build trust and loyalty to the customers. They establish policies and terms for the organizations to convince the customers.

8. Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate Marketer supervises all affiliate campaigns and manages the affiliate budgets. They deliver marketing reports to the seniors and initiate new campaign ideas. They develop the latest strategies to deliver higher sales volume and acquire new partners to grow their scheme.

9. Adwords Specialist

Adwords Specialist implements PPC strategies and handles All kinds of Ads on Google Ads They perform and review daily account responsibilities with Google AdS, Bing, and other platforms. They generate weekly or monthly client report including revenue tracking, goal tracking, and major metrics.

10. WordPress Developer

WordPress Developer design and implement new features and functionalities. They establish guides and architecture the website. They manage all technical aspects of the content management system and also in charge of both back-end and front-end development. Their work includes resolving website issues faced by the clients and make the website secure and user-friendly.

11. Marketplace Manager

Marketplace manager creates, manages and optimizes client’s products listing on marketplace. They track the market and identify new marketplace. They manage products, promotional activities, and product listings.

12. Web Analytics Executive

Web Analytics Executive monitors and provides best practices for online conversions. They ensure the data quality and sales for internal organizations. They interpret data and determine objectives for optimization.Their work is to manage the regular reporting on a monthly or weekly basis for marketing with complete knowledge of business objectives. They have to produce weekly reports and implement web analytics tools.

13. Online Leads Manager

Online Leads Manager recommends marketing management and creates inquiries and qualified leads. They work with sales management for the follow-up. They work with cooperative agencies for predictable schedule each month. Their work is to get vast traffic for business to convert it into the leads and get new subscribers and customers on a regular basis organically.

14. E-commerce Specialist

E-Commerce Specialist conducts digital sale and conversion on the website and implements the latest marketing strategies. They monitor day to day activity to increase website traffic and analyze data. They oversee the overall performance to develop brand loyalty and improve the user’s experience.They are experts in online sales strategies and handles daily operations and marketing units to impact sales.

15. Web Content Manager

Web Content Manager monitors and responds to the website traffic and analyzes website functions. They take responsibilities of display contents that appear on the website and train staff in writing and producing content. They conduct contents audits, implement content schedules and edit web copies.

An average Digital Marketing payout slab is between Rs 15,000 and Rs 250,000! – Pay scale & MNCs Rep

Why companies need Digital Marketers?

One of the biggest reasons why businesses today need Digital Marketing is that it allows a prospective customer to reach a huge amount of customer base when compared to the traditional ways of marketing with way more cost-effectiveness and better conversion rates.

✓ Digital Marketing enables you to work on a selected segment of customers who will have a better chance of getting converted.

✓ Every company needs traffic and traffic comes from good engagement. Digital revolution is taking place all over the world, and digital Marketers are taking over the MNC’s and start-ups.

✓ Digital Marketing enables you to interact with a prospective customer much faster.

✓ Dynamic feedback system strengthens the customers’ trust with the businesses.

✓ Unlike in the traditional marketing ways digital marketing gives you access to track the performance of a given product or service the company is providing.

Digital Marketing Job Opportunities

For Job Seekers/Freshers

· Get your 1st Job in Digital Marketing · Starting Salary between 1.5-2.5 lac PA

For Entreprenuers

· Get more Leads for your Business · Improve your own Marketing ROI

For Freelancers/Part Time

· Start your Digital Marketing Agency · Earn Money as Freelancer from Home

What Students Say About Us

The Fastest growing Digital Marketing Institute

Friendly Environment and Good Teaching Skills with 100% Practical Digital Marketing Training by Course Inbox.

Muzna Aslam

Digital Marketing Executive

Course (C-DMEC) Benefits

Digital Marketing Executive Course is designed to provide quality Digital Marketing Training

Flexible Learning

Course inbox provide weekdays and weekend batches. You can choose as per your convenience.

Leading Faculty

Get a chance to train under a team of industry experts, having 10+ years of experience.

Micro Batches

Batch size between 10-15, in order to provide best quality training and one-to-one attention.

Placement Support

100% placement assistance and are dedicated to get you your dream job, after the completion of this course.

Lifetime Query Support

Only institute in India to guide you and provide you assistance all through your life, at all times.

Internship Support

We provide internships to our students who are regular and consistent all through their  classes.

Digital Marketing Course Modules

Certified Digital Marketing Executive Course. Learn all 22+ Digital Marketing Modules with practical hands-on exposure.

Digital Marketing Overview

Get to know the field of digital marketing in a better way.

Introduction to Websites

Learn the basics of types of websites and website key terms

Website Planning & Creation

Learn how to plan, design & create websites without coding.

Inbound Marketing

Learn how to draft, analyse and create content for your website.

Email Marketing

Learn how to create a strategy and send bulk e-mails.

On Page Optimization

Know how to rank your own website through On Page Seo

Off Page Optimization

Learn to rank your own website through the OFF Page Seo

Google Webmaster Tools

Measure, Analyse & improve the performance of a website.

Lead Generation

Learn how to generate leads through your landing page.

Landing Page Optimization

Learn how to optimize your page in order to get traffic and leads.

Google PPC Advertising

Work on Google AdWords tool in order to advertise a brand.

Display Advertising

Learn to run Banners/Display ads on the third party website.

Social Media Marketing

Learn to promote your brand by increasing presence on social.

Social Media Advertising

Advertise your brand/product, in order to expand its reach.

Google Analytics

Learn how to see analytics and strategize your business.

Mobile Marketing

Use your mobile as a mode of marketing and promotion.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Learn to strategize the working of the digital marketing world.

Interview Preparation

Learn how to clear a Digital Marketing Interview.

HubSpot Certification

Learn to clear your content Hubspot certification.

Google Certifications

Become a Google certified marketing professional.

Get Digital Marketing Certification recognized by the top companies including Google and Facebook

Digital Marketing Executive Course FAQ’s

FAQ – Frequently asked questions about the Course

What Digital marketing course actually is?

Digital marketing course consists of 3 months (150+ hours) given by the quality professional trainers to explore the greatest modules in digital marketing. The program is based on skill development and talent. The training is beneficial for every individual including students, working professionals, freelancers, housewives and entrepreneur and helps them to reach greater platforms in the business. Course Inbox has trained 1000+ happy trainees with 20+ corporate partners.

What salary can be expected after digital marketing course?

Digital marketing course has a good fortune in India as well outside too. It totally depends on the company you will work in and of course, your skills. However, the salary by joining a start- up as a fresher would be 15-18k per month and an experienced candidate could get 25-27k per month. Planning for an MNC could get you 30-45k in the starting. However, these salaries depend upon which company you are working in and how strong their networks are.

How Digital marketing course is different from other industry training?

Digital Marketing is a total practical field and requires complete focus to perform better in the industry. Just like other fields, the industry doesn’t base on theoretical knowledge performance and you can grow your business daily by learning new technologies and strategies daily on a practical platform. The motto in digital marketing isn’t just about getting placed but also gets better acquaintance in the marketing industry.

What practical training you are providing in Digital marketing course?

Some of our training includes website planning and creation, how to do SEO on the website, how to handle social media marketing, how to increase followers organically, email marketing, influence marketing, affiliate marketing, creating campaigns and much more to fit you at the best platform after digital marketing training.

What eligibility do I need before joining Digital Marketing course?

No demanding eligibility is required; you just need to know how to stay creative in digital marketing the maximum eligibility of passing 12th for job placements. There is no age bar. The basic requirement is to know the laptop basics and operating social media channels. No other degrees or diplomas are needed to apply in the Digital marketing course program and no special field is privileged to attempt the course. We have candidates from various fields, Different age groups, and different niches.

I don’t have any online blog or business; can I apply in digital marketing course?

Yes, you can still apply for digital marketing course. The responsibility of making you capable is on us. We will provide you the A to Z training to create and handle your blog or how to start your business by learning modules and applying digital marketing tactics. We will update you with the current digital marketing trends and will provide you the best training to win the market and teach you how to become a Google Adwords certified professional.

How our Digital marketing course will help candidates?

Course Inbox has tied-up with some of the great companies like Digital marketing counseling, Indebo that provides real industry projects to the candidates for gaining better experience and confidence. The training also helps to build up the professionalism in candidates and makes them capable to work on their own projects.

What career support can one expect after our digital marketing course?

The course supports you by providing 100% Placement and also has a job portal that helps our candidates to connect with the best companies and position according to their skills and talent. The Lifetime Query support is available for everyone through our Support Center and we are also offering Free Tools worth Rs 20,000 including the GODADDY domain hosting coupon worth rupees 4000.

What role should a marketer play after Digital marketing course?

After the course, one should always be updated with the current trends and strategies. They should maintain stronger relationships with consumers in digital marketing and should have great knowledge of SEO. Their work is to provide creative ideas for great contents and should strengthen good connections with the marketing agencies. The training includes monitoring social sites and company presence.

Who will be your professional trainer in digital marketing course?

Mr. Rajat Raj Singh (Founder and The Head Trainer) is himself an Industry Expert and has successfully trained the trainees from various reputed firms like Snapdeal, Google, Amazon, British Council, etc. and Mr. Sourabh Thapa (Co-Founder and a WordPress Trainer) is also an industry expert and has trained majority of the WordPress developers.

Do course Inbox provides internships after digital marketing course?

Yes, we do provide internships. It is optional. You don’t have to count it as mandatory. If one is keen to practice more and want to learn more in digital marketing, then we are open for it. We already have tie-ups with some great brands and agencies, however for the experience purpose; you can enroll at our company for internship experience by your choice.

What roles or job positions, I can get after digital marketing course?

There are infinite job positions you can switch after digital marketing course. It depends on you. If you have a great interest in social media then you will be best suitable for social media  marketing, executive or content strategist. If you are interested in SEO then you can be a Search engine specialist and if you are keen to work for brand reputation, you can switch in online reputation management.

What certifications will be included in your Digital marketing course program?

We are providing 25+ certifications at Course Inbox including the HubSpot certification, Google certifications, Course Inbox Certifications, SEO SEMrush academy certification, Facebook certifications and so on with our digital marketing training.

Why trust course inbox for digital marketing course?

  • Co-founders at course inbox have 10 years of experience in the digital marketing field.
  • Trained Over 1000+ trainees from known brands like Amazon, Snapdeal etc and planning for more
  • Care for your money and providing digital marketing course under an affordable fees structure for everyone who wants to choose the best career opportunity.
  • Their motto is to focus on the practical skills rather than degree and theories.
  • Blessed with the highest reviews and ratings in Delhi

I am a 5 years experienced marketer, Can I do digital marketing course?

Of course, you must do a digital marketing course because marketing for 5 years won’t change anything that digital marketing can do for you in some months. You can learn and implement’ new strategies for your business growth and can perform way better than your earlier performance. Apart from that, it will only benefit you with new opportunities and ways.

I am not from the marketing background can I do digital marketing course?

As soon as you are planning for a lifetime business growth in your career then, you must switch to digital marketing course as soon as possible. The field is for everyone who wants to do much more than a mediocre job and usual schedule. Besides, from the marketing perspective digital marketing also enables you to choose your niche as your career option.

My business is doing well, should I still do digital marketing course?

Yes, one should still enroll in digital marketing. Who doesn’t want to grow their salary or their stipend in digital marketing? Everybody wants greater and Greater platforms in their life to grow their business and marketing. Digital marketing course is the perfect platform to change your life.

I don’t know coding, Can I pursue digital marketing?

You don’t need any technical background to attempt digital marketing course. It has nothing to with programming, coding or graduation. As soon as you have the basic knowledge to use a laptop, you are all set to step in digital marketing.

Can a freelancer do digital marketing course?

Yes, freelance is a part of digital marketing and for any career growth, one must pursue digital marketing. Freelancing in digital marketing is the perfect combination to work from home and earn well.

How to choose a correct career option from digital marketing course?

We will teach you all the modules and you will just have to focus on what you can perform better amongst those modules, you will automatically get attracted to those modules, you are good at. There is no need to rush things. Your passion will automatically shape up your career and the course will directly attach you to the field you are made for.

What if I failed in the interview?

We won’t let happen and if in case you fail, we will work on the problems you have faced in the interview before preparing you for the other job session. Out interview preparation is the best benefit of Course Inbox. We are your backup and we will support you in every aspect

I am an experience less than 5 years, should I pursue for digital marketing course?

Yes, you should still pursue digital marketing course. Even if you are 1-2 experienced or a fresher too, you must switch for digital marketing course for a long time career and secured future. However, it is important to gain experience after a digital marketing course. The soon you will enroll the more experience you will gain in the field.

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