Top 5 SEO tactics to turn Dead pages alive

content but the motto behind writing the content is to provide value and get traffic in return. What if you are putting all the efforts and get nothing from it or what if you get good traffic in the present 5-6 months and then you stop getting traffic. You will keep writing yet no one will read your informative content. This can piss you off and you might not be writing again. So today I will help you with the top 5 SEO tactics to turn dead pages alive.

Start making a list of all your posts

  • Start by logging to Google analytics
  • Then you should click on overview and
  • Then click view full report.
  • Later on, click export
  • And then choose your preferred file format.

Now doing this will help you to get a list of all your pages and posts. You will soon find pages with the most sales and most leads. After knowing your top pages, you can easily link your top search pages with the pages that aren’t not performing well. Google already loves your pages that are performing well and when you interlink those good pages with your dead pages then there are chances to get good optimization from pages to pages. Hence it will surely help you to increase rankings over time and get high conversion rates bypassing the hyperlink game.

Combining the look-alike contents by interlinking  

The second option is to combine content pieces that have similar or related topics. You can check which of your articles have other similar topics related to your content. By simply going into Google Search Console, you can see on what keywords the similar contents are ranking. Later on, you can see what content is ranking more on similar keywords and simply interlink the unpopular similar pages to the popular page. Combining content will help you to increase your rankings through single URL’s. Just like Wikipedia do interlinking and provide all the juice to a single URL, you can too opt for this option to keep your content save from dead pages.

Redirecting similar contents 

We all have looked alike or similar content for our website. Let’s take an example, you have a blog like “How to opt for the right Digital marketing course” and then you have “How to identify a good digital marketing course”. Well, these two blogs have almost similar things. There is a possibility that only one blog is performing well and the other isn’t. So eventually, the second blog isn’t beneficial either. We recommend you to redirect the less valuable page to the powerful page and this will automatically increase your rankings.

Combining JavaScript tags with Google Tag Manager

Do you know why dead pages occur or most of the time what made dead pages dead? That’s because of the slow website. Few sites like Google Analytics, Twitter and Google ned to install JavaScript code to track and perform certain functionalities. But at the same time, this makes your website slower and bad for SEO purposes. Hence installing the Google manager tool can help you to manage all the codes by providing individual code pieces for all the platforms. This will defend your website to get slow and help your link pages to save from the dead pages.

Use trending keywords

Just in case if you have provided valuable information to your content and if it is still not ranking then I will suggest you go to “Ubersuggest” and monitor the latest keywords and add them to your content. For example, you have provided a recipe blog on how to make custard but that blog isn’t ranking. You can simply type custard recipe in the ubersuggest box and you will get all the keywords that you should add in your blog. Simply edit the blog by adding more quality and keywords to your content and with some patience, you will surely see the growth in your dead pages.

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