An Ultimate Guide of Constant contact- Email Marketing Software

Constant contact tool is a powerful email marketing tool that provides you some of the great traditional marketing solutions for 20 years. It has many features to promote any of the business products. It has different functionalities and is way easy to use. The tool has been designed to assist small businesses and nurture customer base connections. The interface is quite simple and requires no coding. It imports customer data from a business perspective. Constant contact tool offers hundreds of customized email drag and drops templates that perfectly suits for the professionally designed emails for businesses. It also has the feature to a social share, tracks open emails and forwards. And hence it is the best tool for retention and conversion.

Let us move forward with the ultimate guide on how to use constant contact for professional and business purpose.

1-  Setting up your Email list

Constant contact tool has a great feature that helps to get everything for everyone. You can create your separate email list according to the different niche people and their interest. There is no need to send an email to the person who doesn’t belong from the category. For example, if you’re coming up event or promotion is regarding a fashion show, you can easily create a list of people from the same niche rather than targeting each person who doesn’t have any interest with the related field.

How it can be done-

• Create a list first from the home menu.

• Enter at least one email address to continue.

2-  Adding contacts

Now, this process is about adding a contact list to your system. You have to click on “Contacts” at the left-hand side menu and click on add contacts at the top right. Now the feature will give you many variants depending upon where you have saved your contacts.

How it can be done-

• You can either enter a particular contact or can even add a list of contacts by entering the names and email addresses in the boxes.

• You can also add new contacts as a batch including the saved list on your computer. It is just needed a copy and a paste to enter the batch list and we can go through with the next tab.

Constant contact tool

3- Uploading contacts from the spreadsheet

• You can import your contacts from Gmail and Outlook if your work is based on these categories. The condition is that you are not allowed to pick your contacts one by one.

• Importing through CRM is way similar to Gmail and outlook. However, it allows for adding contacts directly. Under the search market place, one can get additional CRM’s like Netsuite, ACT and more.

4- Adding contacts via spreadsheets

Now if you are having customer resource management or marketing sakes, you can still start by importing contacts from the spreadsheet by heading over to the other programs of yours and checking if there is a chance to export contacts as a spreadsheet.

How it can be done-

• If you have Lightspeed system or POS system, you can easily export the email address of the customer by going to the “customers” menu.

• And do remember to save your file as.XLS.XLSX.CSV, or.TXT. (These formats will quickly be accepted by constant contact.

• Make sure to save the spreadsheet with proper headers including first name, last name, and email.

And now we can move further with the next process which is selecting “upload from file” under add contacts.

5-  Sending Email

The basic question now is how constant contact can be used for sending an email? As we have mentioned before that it is the most preferred and powerful tool for email marketing that has a lot of advanced features and works great for auto- messaging. Let us learn how once can send email through constant contact tool.

Constant contact tool

How it can be done-

• At first you have to click on the “create” button at the upper right side of the corner.

• Then you have to select “Send an email” and after that, you will find email templates in a huge quantity.

• You can select the email template according to your choice.

• After the template selection, you will find editing functions on the template where your own texts and images can be added.

• You can adjust the formatting by dropping and dragging section over there and can also use a new section for the layouts.

6-  Typing the Message

If your message is for a single person then you can do it using constant contact tool insert tool but usually, email marketers prefer targeting majority niche. So, do remember that the message you are typing is not just for a single person but for your list. Make sure to twice check your grammar and words because your email will be targeting the majority of the recipients through a single message.

How it can be done-

• Click on the “insert tool” option and the tool will allow you to add recipient’s first name or the company he belongs from.

• It will automatically change for other recipients and every contact will receive a personally addressed message.

• You can take this process further by adding the subject line and selecting the niche list of your audience.

• You are all set to send the emails to them and can also schedule your emails for later.

 7- Did anyone read my emails?

Your process has not finished yet. It is very important to check whether how many people have read your mail and just like the other features, it is way easy to detect that by constant contact tool. It shows you how many people have read your message and which messages are the most liked by the customers.

How it can be done-

• Go to the “email” in constant contact.

• Select “reports” and you can have the access to see how many people have gone through your mail and this also works the best to engage customers.

8- How to let people sign up?

This is the most pop-out and basic questions for an email marketer that how he can make the audience sign up? This can be done through your constant contact tool. You just have to add the tool with your website. And when anyone will fill outs a form from your website, it will automatically add that list on constant contact.

How it can be done-

• Go to the “contacts” and then “sign-up tools” at the top right side.

• To create a sign-up form, you will have to select the contact list depending upon the niche event or program.


• Make sure to specify what information you want to get from the visitor and prepare your form according to it. This can include name, birthdates, and birth year and further.

• Don’t forget to add your brand logo and the color balancing.

• You will get the sign-up form.

•Select embed code and copy-paste that form to your website.

What are the other advanced email tools that constant contact offers?

Apart from offering tools that can send automatic birthday or anniversary coupons or can collect RSVP’s for events, Constant contact tool offers so many hidden tools that can be an every day add-ons to your marketing schedule.

How it can be done-

• Click “create” and then click “view more” to explore all the advanced email tools of constant contact.

• The “welcome email” is a great use for visitors. Every time when you come up with a new visitor, you can welcome them with the pre-written message.

• The “Auto-responder” series is an email series that can be sent after the visitor joined your list. The motive is to represent your business.

Our Recommendation

We highly recommend constant contact tool to the marketers. It keeps the track of your marketing and proved to be a great tool for small business and non-profits. The tool brings out the best engagement for customers and providing a free trial to testify their tools. They are providing engaging templates and social media integration. Hence, it is a must try the tool for email marketers.

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