Why You should make Your Career in digital marketing

A career in digital marketing is becoming mainstream in India. In 2010, many companies did not consider digital marketing important as they were not ready to change their perception of the online world and we’re stuck with conventional marketing practices. The market forces have ensured that marketers should either take their business online or they will fail at the end.

As time is passing, traditional advertising is extremely becoming ineffective. More organizations are awakening to make their business enhancements every day and opting every possible strategy to win business and make their career in digital marketing.

Some traditional organization believes that choosing a career for digital marketing is equals to doing nothing at all as they don’t have any clue how it will help them to enhance their business visibility and how digital marketing as a career can help them to boom their economic growth rate.

Career in digital marketingn

However, for those who are still confused about why to pursue a career in digital marketing, we tell you when all other industries are stuck with a mere growth of 5 to 10 percent, the digital marketing industry is booming with a 40% growth rate. Times of India had too reported the brightest future in digital marketing at the year of 2018 and as we are living in 2020, the importance and demand have increased hugely in terms of career niche. We are already aware of the current demand for digital marketing in 2019.

Here are some reasons why digital marketing is a great career in today’s market

The future career growth in digital marketing has an excess of over 20 lakh jobs by the year 2020. Hence the future of this industry certainly looks encouraging and will surely lead to a wider way. No doubt why worldwide giants like Facebook and Google wants to open a major campus in India.

However, the Indian government has launched the Digital India initiative to empower numerous new businesses and start-ups. All the organizations are intensely putting resources into digital marketing activities and are implementing digital marketing strategies according to their requirements. Soon, there will be no lack of employment for such in-demand professionals.

Even today, the digital marketing skillset isn’t effortlessly accessible in the market and this is why the individual is trying to make their career in digital marketing because of knowing this field is getting the upper hand during salary negotiations. Organizations are paying a premium for experienced and certified experts who are very well aware of the latest strategies and ideas.

Now the question arises, how to start a career in digital marketing?

No worries, we will help you with the complete guidance. To start a digital marketing career in India, one shouldn’t need to get an engineering degree or technical background. People from any stream can take a course and make their career in digital marketing.

An individual can pursue a digital marketing course according to the interest and can simply become a specialist in one niche. India has an enormous digital marketing career scope to execute a better career growth in business. Digital marketing training institute like course inbox is also offering short term courses with 100% placement and lifetime support.

All one needs is a laptop and internet connection to become a certified digital marketing professional. People can work with an organization to execute a career growth in digital marketing strategy or can work with a digital marketing agency to target customers. They can either be an entrepreneur for a start-up or can be a freelancer who offers digital marketing services as an independent expert.

One of the greatest benefits to make a digital marketing career in India is because of the enhancement in the pay package. A fresher can earn up to 2-3 lakh per annum and can climb the step rapidly to acquire around 7-10 lakhs with an experience of 5 years.

Hope now you have understood the importance of making a career in digital marketing and why one should pursue a career in digital marketing. You can click here to enroll in the digital marketing course.

We will now discuss the career opportunities in digital marketing with the salaries offered for digital marketing scope, professionals and the different job positions available under digital marketing.

Here’s the list of the different digital marketing positions for those who are seeking a career in digital marketing.and wanted to know about the current digital marketing career salary in India

Digital Marketing Manager

• Content Marketing Manager

• Content Writers

• Inbound Marketing Manager

• Social Media Marketing Experts/Specialists

• Search Engine Marketers

• SEO Executives

• Conversion Rate Optimizer

• Copy Writers

1. Digital Marketing Manager

brand awareness and evaluate new digital technologies. If you have 5+ years of experience in digital marketing and if you have projects that demonstrate you as a digital marketing expert, you will be employed effectively.

Such digital marketing experts are in huge demand and organizations chase for these sorts of individuals. There is no need to hold an MBA degree or technical background to get certified in digital marketing However making a career in digital marketing after an MBA is still a great option to go with.


The salary range of such digital marketing experts is from 15 to 20 Lakhs INR for each annum. In any case, it can go as high as 40 Lakhs in addition to the value in specific organizations and as low as 8 lakhs for every annum in very small start-ups.


• Digital Marketing Managers need to lead the digital marketing team and they will answer to the V.P. of Marketing in the organization they work for.

• DMM is a high-level manager position.

• They prepare exact reports on overall marketing campaign performance.

• Digital marketing managers are responsible for bringing together the various elements of digital marketing and make it productive.

• They work with the entire team to brainstorm ideas and enhance growth strategies.

• They make the brightest future in Digital Marketing and execute an integrated digital marketing campaign.

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2- Content Marketing Manager

Content Marketing managers are in charge of content advertising and increasing website traffic. It includes managing blogs, sales page copywriting, email marketing, drip marketing campaigns, e-book publications, video marketing, and visitor blogging. Content marketing managers can be solo contributors or they can deal with a group of content writers. Some freelancers can write content by working from their homes. Again, there is no clear necessity for qualification.  There are also part-time jobs that are available for content writers.


Content marketing managers will procure anywhere between 10-15 lakhs for each annum on average. The experience required for such a position is 3-5 years.


• They report to digital marketing managers or the head/VP of marketing.

• They manage a team of writers, illustrators, and data analysis.

• They implement SEO best practices.

• They design and implement creative marketing strategies to disseminate content.

3. Inbound Marketing Manager

Inbound Marketing Managers are in charge of managing conversions and funnels at each stage. They create strategies to attract clients using content marketing. Their crucial parts include drip marketing, lead nurturing, and conversion rate optimization. Some organizations require inbound marketing managers however some don’t.

Career in digital marketing


Inbound marketing manager will procure anywhere between 4-5 lakhs for each annum as a beginner.


• Inbound marketing manager manages and builds rich content to attract the audience through blog posts, whiteboards, e-books, reports, and infographics.

• Their work is to optimize marketing automation and lead nurturing via email, content, and social channels.

• They execute multi-channel marketing campaign by leveraging SEO, inbound marketing and email campaigns.

• Their work is to conduct customer and product research by improving marketing campaign ideas.

4. Social Media Marketing Expert

A social media marketing expert is a person whose work is to update the company’s social media accounts and respond to other users’ posts on those platforms. They are hired by the company or a brand to manage their social media account. They make content on every platform complies with the company’s social media policy and brand image.


Social Media Marketing Expert will procure anywhere between 3- 4 for each annum as a beginner.


• Communication with social media followers including queries and responses.

• Creating meaningful content related to the brand.

• Using analytical tools such as Google Analytics and Facebook insights.

• Preparing weekly or monthly reports on social media marketing strategies to optimal results.

• They develop and manage social influence programs and influencing events.

• Staying updated with the latest upcoming occasions and festive and also emerging trends

5. Search Engine Marketer/ Specialist

Search engine marketing is an essential part to make better future and career in digital marketing. Their work is to implement SEO and social media strategies to understand and support initiatives to the goals and campaign success. Their work is to execute tests, collecting and analyzing data. The track, report and analyze website analytics in a budget and monthly costs. Small organizations hire fresher’s however some established organizations require individuals with several years of experience. Their work is to report to digital marketing managers. They target leads and clicks in a marketing budget, keyword research and copywriting.


Search engine marketing specialists will procure anywhere 15k to 20k per month.


• Search engine marketers perform keyword research to optimize existing content and uncover new opportunities

• They create and support marketing content for social media purposes like case studies, blogs, and customer videos.

• They implement link building campaigns to associate client SEO goals.

• They monitor and evaluate search results across the major search channel.

• They develop and execute content strategies through social coordination with SEO goals.

6. Search Engine Optimizer (SEO Executive)

Search engine optimizer is an SEO expert including keyword research, user experience optimization, utilizing Google webmaster tools; manage duplicate contents. Their work is to utilize different sorts of SEO tools in the market. SEO experts will report to the digital marketing managers and generally don’t deal with a group. They work for digital marketing career growth. Sometimes there will some specialists working with the team. They will give a consistent remark to the product and the team.


Search engine marketer specialist will procure anywhere 15k to 20k per month.


• They run PPC campaigns and create a powerful call to actions.

• They review and analyze client’s sites for optimizing certain areas.

• They fill the website with effective keywords content.

• They research and identify valuable keywords to drive traffic.

• They keep themselves updated on both white hat and black hat SEO strategies.

7- Conversion Rate Optimizer

Conversion Rate Optimizer is an expert that helps the inbound marketing manager in creating landing pages that convert well into Effective leads. They use different tools to accomplish higher conversions. .An Increased conversion rate is crucial at every phase of the channel. The ad copy or the site title ought to pull in more clicks, the visitors should change over into leads, and the leads should change over into paying clients.

career in digital marketing


Conversion Rate Optimizer will procure anywhere 12k to 15k per month.


• They optimize marketing’s conversion paths

• They increase conversions rate and drive marketing qualified leads for sales.

• They collaborate with team responsible members for blogging, email, and social media to optimize each conversion path.

• They increase the efficiency of marketing funnels.

• They manage key conversion points in the marketing funnel.

8- Copywriter

Just like a CRO expert, a copywriter will work with numerous individuals in the digital marketing team. Copywriters’ help search engine marketers to write better ad copy and enable social media manager to post better words via web-based networking media channels. They also help content writers to refine their content for better results. Numerous organizations don’t have a dedicated copywriter in the group. In some cases, the CRO expert who has copywriting skills can carry out the activity of a copywriter.


Copywriters will procure anywhere between 7-10lakhs for each annum on average. The experience required for such a position is 1-2 years at least.


• They modify the copy until the client gets satisfied.

• They create and edit the original copy by researching to formulate ideas.

• They assist other aspects of creative or research posses to create cohesive and accurate content.

• They collaborate with graphic designers to create visually attractive pieces of content

• They publish content on web pages and social media channels.


I hope this article gave you an entirely good idea about career in digital marketing and marketing. Future of digital marketing for fresher’s and experience is way beneficial and different in India. The same is likewise applicable for different nations however the salaries could be somewhat different. We wish you all the luck and best guidance to start your career after digital marketing course.

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