An Introduction to Google Adwords/ PPC

An Introduction to Google Adwords/ PPC

Google pay per click or Adwords is a paid analytic online advertising program which enables an individual to advertise on Google. People can see your product in display ads when they search for any service or product regarding your field. Thousands of websites use this tool to enhance their products and businesses. Apart from product marketing, it is cost-sufficient and creates great impact on audience and results in better ROI.


How Google Adwords works?

Once you are all set to invest your money and you have plans regarding what to offer then, here comes the second step that includes how Google Adwords works. Here are some points that will help you to understand it in a simple form.
• It started with designing a service you are offering with relevant keywords.
• Then these ads will be displayed on the right side of Google page.
• Business competition is everywhere and rivals sometimes ended up with the same keywords, in that case, there is a Bidding system.
• Bidding starts with 5 cents and takes place depending upon which company will pay efficient.

Why Google Adwords is important?

 Every business needs traffic and it is not that easy to gain it. Google analytics helps your website to get noticed and that too with organic rankings. It increases your listing chances at the top with proper and relevant keywords. It targets only those people that are related to your industry, products and services at the right time and right place. There are two types of ads on Google SERP.
1. Paid

In paid ads, Google Adwords helps you to rank on the top of SERP and you can target the customer by saving your time.

2. Organic

Inorganic ads, the listing of web pages matches the user’s query. It can be seen on the 2nd or 3rd page of search results.

Note: Enrolling in a digital marketing course can help you to clear the entire Adwords examination and will also help you to learn different modules.


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