AdWords Video Certification

AdWords Video Certification

AdWords video certification exam is the key pillar for those who are interested in creating and managing video contents. The exam has 74 questions and the time period is 90 minutes with the passing criteria of 80%. It opens up a great field for those who want to become a Google certified professional. It includes measuring and optimizing of video advertising campaigns through web and YouTube.

About Exam

Exam pattern is based on the multiple choice questions and it is quite challenging to clear the exam on first attempt. The target is to attempt all the 74 questions in 1 hour and 30 minutes. The minimum score should be 80% and higher. You can attempt a mock test first to practice before the final exam. In case you didn’t succeed to clear the exam, you have to wait for 1 day to apply again.

What AdWords Videos Certification exam covers?

• It covers the video ad formats.

• It helps you to measure ad performance and campaign optimization.

• It teaches you how Google display network helps you to fulfill client’s expectations.

• It helps to establish your skills and helps you to become Google certified professional.

• How can you prepare for the AdWords Videos Certification exam?

Several website provides previous sample papers that will be beneficial for you to clear the next examination. You can practice with the previous sample paper of AdWords Videos Certification. The previous practice will increase 50% of the chances of clearing the final exam. After practicing, you can apply for the final Videos Certification exam.

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