SEO myth has been in the talk since the past years. A large number of companies have already ranked their website or blog pages on SERP while other companies are still struggling hard to achieve the peak. Every marketer is creating its list of “not to perform this in SEO” in 2020. If you are too planning to believe some SEO myths and planning to mold your SEO strategy, then stop right here and read this blog. Today we will help you with the top 7 common SEO myths that one should never follow in 2020.

1- It’s all about Content 

We all know that content is the king and it can add value to add your true business but at the same time links are very important for that. You will hardly find one of this seo myths and facts anywhere but if you don’t have good links then you cannot expect everyone to find you through your content. So when you plan a good core SEO, don’t forget to opt for links and content as well.

2- SEO will be dead soon 

So marketers and bloggers are declaring that SEO will soon be dead but let us tell you something that it’s just another SEO myth.The thing is that SEO is getting changed and updated with the sand of time which will let you see new improvements. So all you need is to leave the old SEO tactics and stay updated with the latest and effective strategies.

3- SEO is all about one-time effort

So some of the marketers think that SEO is a one-time investment which means that you just have to create SEO content and once it got ranked, it will always be there which another SEO myth is. We tell you it’s a never-ending process and always needs planning, time and extra effort. After achieving the desired results, you constantly have to improve your SEO with new strategies every time. The pointer comes under the biggest SEO myths.

4- Homepage is all about creating more content 

Brace yourself to write more and more content to rank your homepage in SERP. And this is another SEO myth that you shouldn’t follow. Of course, it is very important to create more content but you should not create keyword stuffing as Google notices every page and it can drown your website. Your content should be optimized for better customer experience. SEO is way important while creating a homepage but it shouldn’t be done with keyword stuffing and heavy contents.

5- Paid advertising is all about organic results 

We tell you something that Organic search results have nothing to do to paid search. Using PPC won’t influence your organic rankings but it can help you with identifying the best keywords for your business. This comes under the list of great list of myths about SEO. Hence as the conclusion that paid advertising might help you to improve your conversion rate of organic results but cannot influence the organic search rankings. You can also opt for a digital marketing course which can help you to understand how paid advertising and organic rankings work.

6- Images don’t require any optimization 

Another SEO myth that people usually believe that images don’t require any optimization which is wrong because if you don’t add image alt text with proper file name then it will create a blunder for Google and you might lose a good opportunity to enhance your visibility on SERP. Also, you should mention your keyword location with good image captions. Some images indexed by Google include BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, WebP, and SVG.

7- Mobile optimization isn’t that important 

In this decade, many people think that mobile optimization is just an option that people can either opt or choose not to but not doing mobile optimization is the biggest SEO myth that needs to be a break. It will enable you to lose a wider portion of your traffic. There are 60% of mobile users and mobile optimization is the best way to operate your website on all devices and also to attract new visitors on your website.

Now that we have cleared some of the seo myths we expect you to play safe in 2020.

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