5 Must have tools for Digital Marketing Freshers

We all know that digital marketing is one of the best fields to choose from and every business is switching for this field to enhance its branding and visibility. Somehow we all search for the best tools for Digital Marketing From switching your traditional business or offline business to digitally or planning to switch your job field, digital marketing welcomes everyone with good career options. It helps you to build a connection with your customers directly with great tools.

However, if you are a beginner in this field then you should start by opting for a digital marketing course that will help you to understand the entire concept of how this field can help you with your passion or interest. Today we will help you with the 5 must on tools that you can begin with as a digital marketing fresher. Let’s go.

1- Google Keyword Planner

One of the most favorite and critical tools for digital marketing freshers, Google keyword planner is a life savior tool that helps you to use the right keywords that work best in your blogs, Seo contents and search ads. It also helps you from the competition basis and keyword bidding. You can get average search volume and improve rankings. It also helps you with the idea of how much an individual should bid to get clicks for their targeting keywords.

2- Google Analytics

How about getting a tool for free? One of the most important and powerful digital marketing tools, Google Analytics is used for data collection and Analysis. It helps freshers to understand how an individual digital strategy can create infinite ripples in the final results. It helps you to look after your website performance and what can be done next according to the current website result. Talking about understanding the parameters, Google Analytics provides geographical location; bounce rate, website traffic and session rate.  Also, it will help you design marketing campaigns easily.

3- Hootsuite

If your beginning destiny is about interacting with Indian and Global brands on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube then Hootsuite is a one-stop solution to manage your single platform in the entire social media platform. It saves your time to go on each platform and post the same thing. It can make your work easier by login one time with your social accounts. You can manage customer service and schedule your post on multiple platforms by at once. Creating a dashboard and monitor users’ viewpoints about your brand are other pros for you.

4- Hotjar

Hotjar helps you to understand how your website users are performing and their likes and dislikes about your website. It helps beginners to find what products or characteristics are loved the most by users. Also, you can get insights on what are the most clicked pages of your website by the users and the entire recording of the activity that the user performs while leaving your website.  The tool is premium but offers a 15-day free trial with 30 days money-back guarantee as well. It also helps to understand user tendencies and website designs.

5-  SEMrush

Last but not least, it is very vital to look after what your competitors are doing and where they are getting their traffic from. And that’s where the semrush takes the stage. It helps you to know the heat kind of backlinks your competitors are getting and how to find the basic data points. So, in short, these tools provide an all in one data sort that not only helps you in brand monitoring but also helps you to track backlinks. It works as a social media tracker and also tracks your ranking. The tool is paid but provides 14 days free trial to explore the tool.

So, here are our best 5 digital marketing tools for fresher’s that can help them to begin a good reputation in the digital world. Also, there are tools that you can begin for graphics and editings like Canva, Inshot, and others. Some of the tools are paid to use few premium icons but all over they are free to use as a beneficial way. That’s all for the blog.  Hope this blog has helped you to decide where to begin. Keep learning to stay digital

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